Agro-Industry Sector

Course Name:Crop and Livestock Production
Industry Association:Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI)
Training Institution:N/A
Placement:Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI)
Tentative Start Date:TBC
Duration:5 Months
Eligibility:Basic Literacy and Numeracy
Mode:Full Time
Days Of Training:2 days training + 3 or 4 days placement
Venue:Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI)
Modules:1.Crop production2.Livestock production

Course Name:Starting your journey in agriculture
Description:Trainees will learn about the main skills, competencies, attributes and knowledge required to succeed in agriculture.
Industry Association:Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture (MCA)
Training Institution:Regional Training Centre (RTC)
Tentative Start Date:TBC
Duration:3 months
Eligibility:Form 3 or equivalent
Mode:Full Time
Days Of Training:Mon-Fri
Venue:Regional Training Centre (RTC)
Modules:1. L’Agriculteur 2. The business of agriculture 3. Introduction to soil health 4. Introduction to plant health 5. Essential plant treatment and management practices 6. Aménagement d’un parcellaire agricole 7. Introduction to irrigation 8. Sheltered farming, culture protégée and aquaponie 9. Technology and agriculture 4.0 10. Innovative agricultural practices 11. Introduction to livestock production 12. Protecting our local heritage and culture through farming practices 13. Applied

Course Name:Landscape Maintenance
Description:This course is intended to provide participants with the relevant knowledge and skills for performing landscape maintenance work, plant propagation and fertilization, pest and disease control.
Industry Association:N/A
Training Institution:MITD
Tentative Start Date:October 2021
Duration:360 hrs
Eligibility:Having studied up to grade 9 or equivalent
Mode:Part Time
Days Of Training:Weekdays: as from 15h00 to 18h00 Saturdays as from 8h00 to 14h30
Venue:MITD Training Centres
Modules:• Introduction to Landscaping• Landscaping operations• Nursery Skills• Pest and Disease Control• Planning and Costing • Soft Skills